Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

aril' receiZedup in Glory. 169 are neereft mending : fo is the flate andconditi- onofthe Church ofGod, and every particular Chriftian;when he is loweft,heis neereft ray fing: as we (hall fee afterwards. Thewitneffes of this,were the4tngelr: they pro- TMewitneffes. claimed his Incarnation w ith joy andwithout doubt theywere much more joyful! at his afcex, ding up toglory ; it was in theprefence ofthe An- gels.So likewife,when he !hall come tomanifefl hisglory ac.the dayofJudgement, there will be innumerablethoufandsofAngels.Thofegloriouucrea- tures werewitneffesofhis glory; andno queftion, but theyyeelded their joyfull attendance, and fervice, that were fowilling to attend him at his birth,aildcomming into theworld. He was carryed up in the clouds, in which alfo 4 he (ballcome againeat the !aft day. His Chariot. But before hewas taken uptoglory, hewas for- tie dayesonEarth, togive evidence . tohis Apo - files andDifciplesofhis Refurre&ion,and to in- fimtt and furnifh them in things concerning their Callings ; afterwards, he was taken up to glory. And inall that time ofhisabode onEarth, after his fir ft degree ofglory, his RefurreEtion, he was never feene of finfull eye, ( for any thingwe -14, fee its Scripture ) I. meane ofthofe that were fcorners ofhim ,that defpifedhim. TheScribes and pharifes , and carnall people, did not fee him, they had no commerce at all with him, after his Referrre& ion : they that defpifed him in his abatement , had nocomfortby his exalta- tion. N But