Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

i 70. ('hri receivedup z *Glory.. Chrift rece ved to glory, a Myfterie,, B ut that which I will chiefely prefï'e in this Claufe,(hall be to (hew, That as this-is a MyJfe, rie, fo hów it is a Myfferie ofGodlineJe, to. nineus up to, odline/Je : for , as i fayd before , Divine Truths and Principles they arecalled Godlincfsc :: becaufa, where they are embraced, they worke godlinefje, the foule is transformed into them where thefe Truths are ingrafted in the foule, as S,Peter faith,they turnethe foule into-their ovine nature. Therefore, I will thew how this Myfferie, Chrifl. receivedup to glory,,, breed s a frame ofGodli- ne/de in the heart. That it is a Myfterie, it will eaftly appeare:; For, was it agreat Myflerie, that Godthould_take our nature upon him,to beabafed in it ? Surely, it mull needs bea My(ferie, that Godwill beglo, rificd inour nature. Wasournature advanced, in his Incarnation ? Much more was it glorified in his Exaltation, when he carryed it to Heaven wrth him. Here was the Myfferie ofthe Exalta- tion ofour nature : God was as much abafed'as he co&d be, beingborne, and dyingfor us ; our humane naturewas as much advanced asitcould° be,when God railed it uptoHeaven: God could be no moreabafed,remainingg God;and mansna- torecanbe nomore advanced,rematning the true nature ofman. This is a.great Myfiterie; thead- vancement ofour nature in chrift,thatwas made lower thentheAngeh;hewas arrorme,andno man:now ournature in Chrift,is advanced above the Anzelr, Now thisnature ofours in chriff, it is next to the nature ofGod indignitie ; here is a Myfierie. Among