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Godlinefre a .tl%1 yfietie. S much ffandon.But that there mufi be an atfeai- on anlwerable, and that this Truthbreeds this, is a little to beconfidered,Why is Religion it fel fe called Faith and the grace in the foulealio cal- led Faith ? To crew that Faith, that is, theTruth revealed (as we fay, the ApofflesFaith) it breeds Faith,and muff be apprehended by Faith : there- fore oneword includes both theobfeéf,the thing beleeved, and likewife the difpofition of the foule to that obje& : So , here godlineffe is the thing it Idle, the Principles of Religion and `4 likewife the difpofitionof the foule, that thofè Truthsworke,where they areentertained as they fliould be. Hence followes thefeother Truths briefely, Firff ofall,that noTruthbreedsgodlinefe,and DivineTruth pietieof 1 ife,but Divine Truths;for that. is.called enely btteds z godlintEt'e. godlineße, becaufe it breedsgodlineffe : all the de- vicesofmen in the worldcannot breed,godline(je; all is fuperffition, andnot godlineffe, that is not bredby a I'iyineTruth. Againe, hence, in that DivineTruth is called From what eafons wee Godlineffe, it fhewes us , ifwewould be godly, we mutt be godly. mull be fo, from reafons of Chriffianitie : not (as I Paid) by framing devices ofour owne, as graceleffe foolitli mendoe; as we fee in Poperle, it is full ofCeremonies, of their owne deviling : but ifwewill begodly it muff be by reafons and motives from Divine Truth ; that breeds godly. neffe. It is but abaflardgedlinefe, aballard Reli- gion, that is fromagood intention, withouta good ground : therefore theword implyes both B 3 the