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ANN I° o The Gofpe] a D9yRcrie. Secaufe it was biddrn. GM. 3, Godlinefre a L lyJ1erie. difcovering howChrift teignes in his Church; anda Myiterie, of bringing us to that heavenly Kingdome. So then , the whole Evangelicall Truth is a Myferie, For thefe Reafons. Firft ofall, becaufe it was hid, and concealed from all men, till God brought it out ofhis öwne bofome : firif, toAdam in Paradife, after the fall, and (till more clearely afterwards to thererres;and in Chrifts time, more fully to !met and Gentiles. It was hid in the brcfl of God ; it was nota thing framed by Angels, ormen. After manwas fallen to that curfed flare, this Plot, of laving manby Chrift, came not into the head of any creature, to fatìsfie juflice, by infinite merde to fend Chrifl to die, that juflice might be no lofer it could come from no orher brefl. but Gods., it muff be a Divine heavenly Wife dome. Therefore it was a Plot deviled by the blelTed rrinitie, the Father, .Sonne,and Ho?y- Ghoft; it was hid in the fccrer Clofetof Gods bref}, Chrift brought it out of the bofome of his Father ; No man bath feene God at' any time; Chriff the onely begotten Sonne, in the bofome of the Father, hedifcovers the Father, and his meaning tomankind. Who ever could have thought of fuch a depth of mercy unto fallen man, when God promi fed the 1lefycd Seed. Gen. 3. if God himfelfe had not dilcovt red it ? Therefore, this reconcilingofjuflice and mercy, it is a Myf}erie of heavenly wifeddme, that-the creature could-' never