Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

a8 Godlinele aMyfierie. fhould honour God for the greatefl Gift that ever was, for the Incarnation of his Sonne; to be more prophanely difpofed then and to give our (elves to more Toole courfes then at other times ; how can it but provoke the Juftice of God efpecially it being common? Among(} other things, wemay juftly looke for the Ven- geanceof God for this , not onelyupon thisor that place , for it is the fault of chriitendome. Shall wecarryour felvesthusprophanelyat thefe timcs, whenwe fhouldwalke in a holy difpofiti- on ? Is this theway to be thankef'ull to God ? Let us labour to entertains and embrace thefe Myfteries of the Gofpel as wee fhould, witha futable carriage to them :for theGofpel will no j longer tarry,then it hath Curable loveand affeai ons to thegreatnefl'e of the thing. The Gofpel may leave uswe know not how foone,and goe to people that are as barbarous as wewere, before the Gofpel came to us. TheRomans thought, they had Viaory tyed to them ; but we have not thefe Myfteries of the Gofpel tyed to us. Ifwe labour not for ananfverable carriage; as God bathremoved theGape! from the Eafterne ChurchesofAfia, that areunder the tyrannie of the Turks now, fo he may, and we knownot how Toone, take away thefe bleffed andglorious My- lleries. Let us reverence thefe Myfteries , and blefhe God for them, and labour toexpreffeour thankfulneffe in our lives and convcrfations,that God may delight tocontinue with us, and con- tinuehis blefï'rd Truthamong us. Doebut con- cc ive