Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Godlinefre a Myflerie. ceive in your owne felves, what equity is ir,that Truths {hould be obtruded to men that care not for them ? That live under the my fteries of the Gofpel 1, with as much liberty to the flefh, as if they had never heardof it; that their lives are not better thenPagans, perhaps wo Ce : When thefe things grow general], will God continue thefe Myfteries to us, when there is fuch a.diCpropor- tion ofaffe-ion , and carriage ? Judgeof thefe things. God fhoulddeale juffly with us, if he fhould leave us to thedarkneífe ofGentilifine,and Poperie, and confulion, and carry the Gofpel fur- ther Weft ftill,toapeople that:never heardof ir, whereit fhouldhave !Alter entertainment then it bath had of us. I befeech you let us labour to carry our felves anfwerable to this bleffed and great Myfterie, ifwee would have it continued longer amongus. Againe, are thefe things Myfferies, great Mj- fieries?Let usbleffe God,that bath revealed them tous; for the glorious Gofpel Oh , Loy doth S. Paul, inevery Epiffle, flirre up people ro toe thankfull; for revealing tiefe 1Nytleries ?What caufe have the Gentiler, that were in thefhaddonl of, death before, to be thankful! to God ? What kind of Nation were we in Julius Capritime? As barbarous as the Weft Indians.; the Canibals were as good as we. We that were fo before; not onely tobe civillized by the Gofpel, but to have the meanes of falvation difcovered; what caufe havewe tobe enlarged to thankfulnefl`e? And (hallwe fhew our thankefulneffe , in provo- king I'fe To ble(je God for ttìefe My- fteriea.