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Z o ¡ Gódlisse e Myflerie. .Vfe4. Not to fet on Myf}erieswith taumaueparts. king his Majeftie ?-There is nothing in theworld that is a groundof that thankfulneffe,as the glo, rious Gofpel,that brings filch glorious things as it doch. Men are thankfull to men, for teaching and difcovering the Myfteries of their Trades 5 and fhall Goddifcover the great Myfleries'of the GolpellofChrifl,and (hall not we be thank- ful l? Are there not thoufands thatfit in darkneffe? The Romifh Church, is it not under the ntyficrie ofIniquitie? And that we fhouldhave theglori, otis Myfteries ofthe Gofpel revealed tous; that the Veile thould be takenoff, and we fhouldfeç thefaceofGod in Chriftl; what a matter of thank' J fulre ffe is it to all gracious hearts, that ever felt, comfort by it ? Againe it is a My.terie : Therefore it fhould' teach us likewìfe, not to fet upon the knowledge of it with any wits or parts of our owne thinke to fearch into it meerely by ffrengthof wit,and Rudy ofBookes, and all humane helpes that can be : it is a gtyfierie, and it muff be un- veiled by God himfelfe, by his Spirit.' ,Iffre fer' upon this Myfierieonely with wits and parrs óf our owne,thenwhat our witscannot pierce into,' we will judge it not to be true; As ifour wits were the meafureof DivineTruth ; fo much as we conceive, is true ; and fomuch as We-cannot conceive, is not true. What a pride `is tîî`is iii' flef1a,in wormer ofthe Earth,thatwill Make their owne apprehenfions, and conceits oftliings, the meafirre of Divine Truth, as Heretikes hereto- fore have done ? It was the fai lt of-the Schóóle' ! men