Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

36 The parts of 6 ít. Thofe that cne'w it not. Cer. z. 7 Becaufe it makes03 grcat. What makes Times and perfons great, Gdlinefe a great 1yflerie. Ifwe confider any part of it; Chrift , or his Church,or any thing,it is a Myfterie, and agreat myflerie; it muftneeds begreat, that the very Angels delire to prie into. I fwe regard thofe that could not prie into it; as it is t Cor. 2. that the wife men of theworld underflood nothingofit : Where is the Philofopher, &c. There are no parts in theworld that could ever enter into this, it is above the (harpeft wir ; the deepeft judgement, the reachingeft head, they are all nothing here; it is a great Myllerie; it is a depth above all depths of naturali parts whatfoever ; it is awondrous depth, it hath all di men lions, the depthand height ofthe love ofGod in Chrifl, and theunfearchable riches ofChrifl, fay th the Apoftle Paul. Againe,it is agreat Myflerie ; becaufe it makes us great , it makes Times great, and the perfons great, that live in thofe times. What made rohn Baptißgreater then all the Prophets andothers in thofe times? Becaufe hefawChrift come in -the fleth. What made thofe after John Baptil (treater then he? They law Chrift afcend glori- nufly; that, lohnBaptifl did not. So perfons and Times are more or leffe glorious, as they have greater or leffe manifeftation of this cveyßerie. Great is that tt1yllerie it felfe that makes all things great; that makes Times and perfons grear.What made the Times ofChrift fo great? [hippieare the eyes that fee that thatyour eyesfee, and the eares that heare that thatyour eares heare. Why? Becaute the Meí,as was come. What made the fecond