Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Godlinefre a great Myflerie. + 37 fecoiid Templegreater then the firft ? The firff, whichwas Salmons Temple, was more magnifi- cent then the other. Oh, it was becaufe Chrift carne in the time of the fecond Temple, and taught there. io.itistheQuanifeflationofChrifls Truth, that makes Times and places glorious. Will he not make the fhuleglorious then,where he is ? Cc.rtaincly he doth. What makes thefe Times glorious ? ( but that we have unthankful) darke hearts,or elfewewould acknowledge they are blefled times that all ofus have lived in , un- der the Gofpel; what makes them foglorious ?) the glorious Gofpel, that Chines in thefe Times, out o'Egyptian darkeneffeof Poperie: Little thankful) are we for it ; and that threatneth a re- moovall ofthe Gofpel: for being great things, and dif-efieerned,and under-valued, (;}en living under the Gofpel as bad as under Paganifine)will God continue thefe great thingsamong us,tobe thus vilified,and dif-effeemed ? Let us take heed therefore, that we fet a higher To prizeReli= price on Religion; it is a Myfferie, and a Great g1ont Mj.fterie, therefore it muff havegreat e fleeme;it brings greatcomforr,and great priviledges. It is thewordof the Kingdorne,it is aglorious Go #el; not onelybecaure itpromifethGlsry,but it makes the foule glorious, more excellent thenother per- foes. Let us rayfea greaterefteeme ¡pourhearts of this excellent Truth ; it is agreat llyflerie. Againe, it is agreat M}fierie, ifcompared to' $. all other Myfteries. Creationwas a great My- Comparative- (tuft. ; for all things to be made out ofnothing; iy b "a" order.