Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

6z Oppofe Chríft to the wrath of God. Whcn.ewe hate commu- nionwith the Trinicic. Satan tranf formes God \and Chri4 to God manifefi in the f 1, And oppofehim to the wrathof God, and the temptations of Satan; for all will fall before this God manifefi in thefßefh : He is God there_ forehecan fabdue all ; he is man ;and therefore bee will love us. 1 tnotv whom 1 have beleeved: him that is merciful!, becaufe he is man, and he bath taken my nature; and him that can fah- due all enemies, becaufe he is God God in the flefh : a fit bottome, and foundation, for Faith to rclye upon. Let us have recourfe to this therefore, in all temptations whatfoever. We cannot glorifie God and Chrift more , then togoe out of our felves, and fixe our comfort here. By this , wehave communionwith the Father, Sonne, and Holy-Ghoft : This incarnationof Chrift, it brings us into fcllowfhip with the blefï'ed Trinitie ; and it teacheth us what con- ceits we fhould have of God, to have loving thoughts ofhim. Whence is that, that we can call God, Father ? From this, God manifefi in the ffefh; the fécond Perlon, to takeaway enmitie, was manifefl in the ffefb.' Henceit is, that Ican call God, Father; that I can boldly goe to God, that I can conceive of God as gracious , and lovely. And whence is it, that our perfons are become lovely to God ? From this, that God bath taken our nature upon him ; our nature is become lovely to him, andhis is fweet and fa-1 therly tous. This fhould belpe us again ft Satans trans- forming ofGodand Chrift to us , in the time of,