Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

God nianifz§ thefte,. ág withall. As Chriftsflejhwas firftfanecified, and then abafed, and then glorious; fo thefflefh of every Chriftian mull be content to be abafed, as theflefh of C.hrifl was to ferve Chrift, to be con- formable to Chrift, in our abafed flefh. And let us not make too muchof this flefh ofours that fhall turne to rottennefse ere long; it mull be gracious fan c`tifiedflefh, as Chriftswas, and then gloriousflefh. aria muft be manife.Ft in our jfefh, as he was in his owne ; that when a man fees a Chriftian, he may fee Chrift manifeft in him. But how (ball I come io la ve Cbrì.ft manifeft in myßeJh? myheart is,nót fit toconceive Chrift in ; there is nothing but deádneísç,,and darknefse, anddultaefsesiand rebellion ? Even as the VirgiA fátyrfhegonceived hrift; when fhe yceldedher afsent; When the Angell fpake whet, what fayrth file,Trefa y;? Beltas thou haft fayd ; let it e1veA,J r 1Q; ?e, yeelded her afsent to the Promife,that file fhouletconceivea Sonne. So when thie'Ftomifes,are ut ered:tous, of the forgivenefse of frnnes,of falvation by Chrifi ; as Toone as ever we havea f pirit of Faith toyeeld our afsent; Let, it be fo, Lord , as thou haft promifed : thou haft promifed forgivenefse of fumes, Let it : thouhaft promifed fa- vour in Chrift, Let it be fo,. As fooneas the heart is brought to yeeld to the gracious Pro - mife,then Chrift is conceived in theheart. Even as Chrift was conceived in the Wombe of the Virgin,when fheyeelded herafsent to beleevethe Pro- 6 9 ObieR. At firer. WhenChrifi is conceived in the heart.