Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

70 Chrit iuflified in the Spirit. Promife ; fo Chrif is in every mans heart, to fanife ir, to rule it, to comfort it, as tootle as i this content is wrought: we fhould labour there- fore, to bringour hearts to this. So much for this. Becaufe it is ofgreat confeduence, and the leadingMy1erie to all that followes,I have been fomewhat the longer in unfolding thefe words, Godrnanifelt in theflefh. luflifaed in the spirit. Thefe words are added, to anfveran obje 1i.. on that may rife from the former: Fie was God manifefl in theftefh , he veiled himfelfe, he could not have fuffered elfe ; when he tooke upon him to be the Mediator,hemuff doe it inabatedflefh: IfChrifl (being God) hadnot abafed himfelfe, he fhould never have beene put todeath ; Satan, and his inftruments , would never have medled with him : therefore God being veiled in the flefb, being clouded withour fie and infirmi- ties; thereupon , the World had a mifconeeit of him : He was not generally thought to be what hee was indeed ; he appeared to be no. thing but a poore man , a debafed dejeó ed man a perfecuted flandered, difgraced man in the World : he was thought to be a Tref. paffer. It is no matter what he appeared, whenhee was veiled with our flefh ; hewas juflifted in the spirit, to be the true rriefas ; to be God, as well as man. luflifted._ Iufiified in the Spirit. Mifconceits of Chriftin theWorld.