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Chr fiifzed in the Spirit. lu,Ftifted.- It implyes two things, in thephrafe of Scrip. turn : A freedome and clearing, from falfecon- ceits, and imputations; and,declared tobe truly what hewas;tobeotherwife thenhewas thought tobe, of the wicked World. When a man is cleared from that that is layd tohis charge, hee isjufiifted; when a man is declared to be that he is, then he is Paid tee bejuftified in the fenfeofthe Scriptures: Wifedome is juftified of her children; that is, cleared from the imputations that are layd uponReligion, tobe mopifh and fool fh : Wifedame isjujtified, that is, cleared ; and declared to be anexcellent thing,, of all her children. So Chrift wasjufhißed, beewas cleared, not tobe as they took him ; and declaredhimfelfetobeas he manifefted himfelfe, a more excellent perfon;the Sonne ofGod, the true Mefas, and Saviour of theWorld. rn the Spirit. That is,in hisGod-head:thatdid thew it fel le in Goda Spiriti his life& death,inhis refurreain andafcenfion; the beames of his God-head did :fparkla out: though be were God in thefiefh , yet he remained Godftil,4¿ wasjtaßiftedtobe fo ix thespirit,that inhis divine Power, whichis-called theSpirit, be- cau fe the fpirit ofany thingis thequintèffence& ftrength ofit. God bath the nameofspirit, from his purity,and rower,andvigour,So God is aspi- rit,that is,God is pure,oppofite togroffethìngs, earth,and flefh;and God is powerfull,anditron ;. The 7t lullifed, what i t For puritie. Strength.