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Ionah a typeofGhri/f. CHAP. xrr. I I. Jonah a type of Chrill : in 4, refpells. JOnahwasarypeof Chrift, as(.24 t. 12. 39, No fgne fhalbe given them, but thefîgne oftheProphet Jonah. I. In his name and office. Both Ionah:,both doves, one in name, theother in nature. Both mournefull, one in a fea offorrowes (hut in the whales belly, the other a man offorrows, and fuch as no man ever fuflained and overcame. Both Prophets, Jonah fent topreach repen- tance to Niniveb : Chrift the true Jonah, the great Pro- phet oftheChurch wasfent to preach the fame doffrine to the worldMat.4. i 7. Then Iefus 6eganne topreachand fay, Amendyonr dives &c. Both of them in expreffe words muff fignifie to their hearers,that without repen- tance they werein Rateofperdition. II. In refpeLt ofhis death and fuffering. In the 1. kind, 2. manner, 3. fruit. i . The kinde ; it was a willing death, a free will offring. Foras Jonah when the tempeff was rayfed, freely ofllred himfelfe to death when the Mariners would faine have faved him, /m.1.1 i.takeme,andcall. me into thefea that the tetiipeft mayceafe : So, when the forme of Gods wrath was boiftrousagainft the fumes ofmànkind, jefus Chriffour Jonahoffered himfelfe to the death ; for he had power either tolay downehis life, or to retaine it, lob. 10.) 8. Neman tallth away my lifefromme, but I lay it downe of myfelfe.IoLt. i 8.S,Iamhe, 2. The terrible and dread- ful manner. For as Ionah was fwallowed up of theWhale whomadebut one model!, ofhim : So Chrif was fwal- lowed upofdeath, and fecund whollydevoured of the curieofCod.And as the one cryed in the Whales belly, & oxt ofthebelly ofhell,lon.2.2,andverf.4. I am calfaway G 3 out Foure things delivered in whichiona'' was a type. I. Nameand office. 2. Kind of death. Egofum. Manner.