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86 ! Jonah a type ofGhrjl. And fruit. 3. Burial]. matt.'z.40 . 4. ReGirreaion. out of thy fight : So the other cries upon the Croffe, My god, my God, why haft thoufort 'alien zne ? Bothof them were in fo extraordinary death, as in their fenfe they were in the deepe(l Hell. 3. The fruit of it. I. The appeafing of the wrath of' God his Father. For, as Jonah once call into theSea, the windes were ful- led, hefea ccafedfrom her raging, Chap.1.15. and there was a great calme : So Chrift by his death pacified his Fathers wrath , (filled the rage of Satan , abolifhed the horror of death, which otherwifc had never beene flill andcalme toward, us. 2. To fave his fell .wes. For as Iona, mull be call into the . fea to iáva his fellows from drowning, Chap. 1.t z : So muff Chrift bee over- whelmed with the wavesofhis Fathers difpleafure, and (as Jonah) bee put to death by thole that fhould have preferved him : but not for any defers of his owne, but to fave his companions and brethren in the fame (hip with him from death and drowning : For fo was the fignification of his name, Jefus ; fo himfelfe affirmed, (..Watt. zo.28. The Sonne of man came to give his life a ranfome for many. So al (zò Caiaphas prophecied fit that one man diefor the people, and that the whole ¿Va tionperifh not, Ich i 1. Ç o. III. In Jonah wee have a type of Chrifts buriall, noted byChrift himfelfe. For as Jonahwas in the bel- ly of the fiíh, three dayes and three nights So muff Chrift bee detained in thegrave, and lie under burial] three dayes and three nights, ( parts put for the whole, as perhaps alto in Ionah)till the cafe feemed defperate in both ; nDt onely in their owne appreheufions (as I have before (hewed) butin the difciples apprehenfion. L4 24 2 i . Wee thought this fhould have been beetbat íhould have delivered Ifrael , andbehold this id the third .day. I V. Iona, was a rnarrifea type of Chriff in his re- ittrreetion. For, r ids Jonah was taken into the belly