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Fit ft born, types of ChrI1. but to fave him fródrowning. Can any man fave a matt fromdrowningby calling him into the lea ? but God can. 4. When thecafe feemes moll defperate,then the Lord fleps in to help; when no helpe can bee expeccted anyother way, after threedayes and three nights lowah mallbe call up,andChrill raifed up. Never feare extre- mities, butthen exercife thy faith moll, forthen is God the nearefl : however, trufi in him thevtgh he Lail thee, I ab z ; . 5 . S. The deeper forrowes ofGods children end in greaten joy. Godbath a dry ground for Ionah af- ter a leaofmifery : a glorious afcending for Chrift after his lowell defcent. Whatfoever the forrowfull Tongsbe that Godspeople fingherein /Egypt or Babel,they íhall end in longsofjoy andvicory.and be changed into the fangsofMoferand the Lambe. Rev.15.3. Foure rankes offanatihcd onesunder the Law. I. The fin t born, types in foure refpeets. CHAP. XIII. The firft borne : Types ofChr , 4.7oayes. HAving fpokenofholy types in fundryfpecial perlons; nowofperfonall types in fome ranker pend orders of men, fan6lified and fpecially feperated to the Lord. Of whom, 1. Some were fanctified by birth, the firft- borne : 2. Some by effice,Priells,efpecially the High- Prieil : 3. Some byvow,as Nazarites : 4. Some by ceremony, as cleane perlons, legally cleanfed from un- cleaneneffe. Ofthefe the firft borne werefpeciall types ofIefus Chrill. J. As they were Godspeculiar. Bxod. 13. 2. Sanc4i- fieunto meall the firfl borne; for it is mine. fxeft. Howwere theyGods ? 44nfiv. Y o By commonnature. But fo wereall both firft and tail bornethrough theworld. For all theworld and