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Firf born, type: ofChri11. bufh. This contempt of their priviledges robbed the jewesofthem, who beingcat out offavour, offiril borne become the lafl ofall people, andnowwee Gen- tiles are flept into their birthright. Let us bewife in the entertayning our prerogative confcionably,expreffe our love toChrift and his Cofpell, not hatred, as they, leafl provoking the Lord he deale with us in juflice a5 he did with them.For ifhefficcrednet thenaturall branches (R0112.11.11.)What reaton bath he to (pareus ? V. Leanne togrow in conformity with ourelder brother Chrift, withwhom weecannot be equal!, but Eke, as brothers. All mullhave one father, one flesh, one fpirit. For the brotherhood flandsnot in communion of flefh andblood, forfo every manwere hisbrother, but in the fpirituaIl unionby regeneration, loh. 1. i 3. We muff be like him in afá'e lion, like him in affiaion, like himin the combat, and likehim in theCrowne. ,How like unto Chriff is he that refills and defpifes the fpirir ofgrace, that having onely humane nature, bath no whit of that divine nature, z 'Pet. i .q. When heardefl thou this firfl borne brother to fweare or lye? Orbe idle in fpeech, wanton in behaviour, careleffe ofhis courte, orcompany? Whenwas he afhamedofthy caute, ofthy Crofle, yea or curie? But thou art afhamed ofhis Croffe andcaufe. Whendidherevile, rebuke, hate ? Would he be like us in every thing, even in our evilly, finne onely excepted ? fhould not webe likehim ingrace, to be like him inglory? H2 CfiAP. 99 Tife's . Referable Chrift our El. der brocher.