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Imo Priefia, typet ofChriJi. Prieíts,typcs of Chriít, where- -in. CHAP. XIV. `Pries : Types ht the deputation to their office.' OF the rankes and orders ofholyperlons forme were fanified and feperated to the Lord by office or funaíon, As the Prief}s and high Priefts, who of all other weremoft expreffe types of jefus Chrif}. He6. 4. 4.We haveagreae high Prief¢,which is entred into hsaven,. even Iefaas the SonofGod. ThePrieff a typeof Chrif The choice` refile ted, Tribe. I forhis tribe r. In deputatió t.his choice a.fòr his per- tohis office, feaims. wherein z.his confecration. 3. his apparrall. Z. InexecutionofittAaions{i. Cornlnon. z. Minií}eriall. Sera. r. T. The Choife had refped z . To the tribe: He muff come ofone onely tribe of Levi, which was by Godofall the tribes feperated,and appointed byGod to exercife thePrieflhood in theTabernacle, and toper- forme whatfoever belonged to the holy Miniffery. his fignified Chria our Mediator who muff bee a f tiall and fingular man,takenfromamonS men, Heb. > .1 .a#hey, trueman as they. For he muff be true maninnature and affe6tion that muff mediate and negotiate mans caufe withGod, and fo taken frommen to íiand in the midff betweeneGodand man. True it is our Lord came net of Levi, but out ofIssdah, Heb.7. 14. with the reafvn, for he was not to be after the manner of .Aaron, kit of .Melchizedek,