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TO THE ctiRfSTIAN READER. Haveheardof a demurre made, as though forne- thing were'put forth under this Authors name, which it node ©fhis. Iaffure thee in the word of a MThiffer, that for the workes that have my p- piifleprefixed (and I heare of noother publifh- ed withhis name) thereis not one note nor notion which is not the Authors owne,according to his papers. And the like t affirme concerning this Treatife ofTypes, which now I pub- i lifh. The ufe ofit is manifold. Toopen divers placesof Scrip- 1 tune : To Phew ;hemeaning oflegall fhadowsand ceremonies: Ì Todeclare the faith of the Elders, who receivedagood re- Htb.I r,3; port: Tó manifef} our faith, one with theirs, onefatth, one Eph.4.s. Lord,oneBaptifine,one falvation: Tomagnifie and commend Chrift to every fonle,that it may be faved, and he honoured: To difcerne and bewaile the blindnef%ßf Gods ancient peo- ple,the Iewes,andpray for their returne to thetruth,not catch- ii g at fhadowes : Ofwhonm, inprefent I may faywith detefla- tionoftheir madneffe,as he faid again it the hhilofophers,Nos quit non habitu, &c. Wee Chriflians, whof excellencieHands M.I iix.Fcl. notin outward things, butfpirituall, glorie that we have.found Ociav, what they (with all theirdiligence) have fought, and could notfinde. Whyarewe unthankLfgall ? Why doeweflandin our ownelight, ifthe truth ofthe Deitie hathinthis ourar at- , twined to naturitie? Let îu enjoyand mak,çuafeofour`owne I mood, andfollow the truth in truth: avaunt fuperfition, be packZin` ail tmpietie, let trite religionh eprefervedandflcturifb. Yet withall, feeing there is apromife that all Ifraelfhallbefa- Ro111,11. 26. ved, let us pray for the performance, and that with all carnefl- neffe, as that converted Jew gave exhortation tohis fonne,So lon Doureforth thyprayersfor the remnant oflfrael,till God L&iov.Ccreta: loo efronthishigh habitation, andfee, and have mere) on 155'3. his people for theLordsfake,.his Anointed, that in our daies Iudahmay befaved,andthechildrenofIfraelmay dwellfafe ÿ in their owne land, andfpendtheir idaies in good, theLord makinghi: goodSpirit to refsupon them. William Jemmar. A 4