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ATableoftheContentsofthis Treatife. I, He InrroduEtion : containing cially, how. '' 3 'e proportions , of the Ceremonies called /Wows for Church,falvation,covenát ofgrace, foure reafons. 4 Chrift,&,the anciët ceremonaes,p. I Threefoldufe o f thetas to the leas' .5 Five reoafnsfor theft ceremanies,t Gods wifedom in appointing thetas :- Grace in the New Telament Me- threewayes. ibid IL TheTreatife :Hewing Chrift prefigured byholyperfons and things. y L o f ce,originall, excellencyofperfon. 1 Adam a type of Chrift in creation, and `Priefthood. 17 office,foveraignty, conjugation,pro- Chrifl'arearer than Abraham. 20 pagation. 6 Comfort by. Chrift our Melchize- The tíi'linif ery.reverendfaranti- dek. ibid. guïtíe, 8 We are bleffed by our 1Víetchize- edntiquity of the doltrine offree dek., 21 race. ibid. By our Melchizedek the Church Seek,e life by Chrifls death. ibid. abidesforever. 22 Get into Chrift the fecond Adam, Excellencie of Chriflf Prieflhood as thou art lively of the firfl. above the Leviticall: eight waies. (Motives. . 9° ibid. , j I Sin notto beaccountedflight,whofe Noah a typeforfalvation,righteouf- facriface isfo co_lily. 24 neLf e, preaching,,4rke,repa:ring the I V. world, facrifice of reft, and adove Ifäacatype in birth, Pilfering, offe- fent out of the Arke. 1 o ring, efcape, marriage. 2..4 TPreferve integrity in the worf Apatterneofobedience in 5.things. times. 14 28, Two rules. 29 Sinner which arefgnes ofjudges A -type ofour. refurreElion. -31 ment approaching. 15 Matter offweet confolation. 31 Comfort to bee had in Chrift our Lookfor helpe, though the cafe bee Noah. i 6 deffierate. , ibid. g'I I. V. Melchizedek a type in Etymologie, ]ofeph a type in-his perfbe, aciions, pafflons,