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ConficrationoftrieJ1s,a type of z There was no perfeCtion in their perfons; for they mull offer, and lay their hands on the bead of the fa- crifice, confeffing guiltineffe. 2. Nor in their Miniffe- ry, in which thehighPrieft needofferfor hisowne fins. 3. Nor in all their Confecration; they could offer no fa- crifice to wafh away any finne, their owne nor others ; onely they didpaint at the facrifice ofChrift : but byhis confecrationhecould offer himfelfe a meritorious and fufficient facrifice for the firms ofhis elegy Thus is our high Priefá: advanced above them all. The fècondof thefe facrifices in the Confecration of the highPrief} was to be a burnt offering or Holocauft. The ufe ofwhichwas to fignifie the dedication ofhim- felfe and all thathe had, t® be purified by the Spirit (as by fire) to the ufeofGod in his fervice, as that Holocauft was, ver. r s, a::d r g. Mof} things in this were common with the former. i. The blood muff be fprinkled on the Altar roundabout : fignifying the full remiffion of finnes purchafed by the bloodofChrift,and the commu- nicationofall his benefits, and the vertue of' his whole pailìon to be applyed to the whole Church ; for fprink- ling Hill betokens application. 2. The inwards and legs mull: be wafhed in water, ver. 17. fignifying that Chrift fhould bringno uncleane thing in his offering, but he fhould be abfolutely pure within and without; in his minde,thoughts, affections, fignifiedby the inwards; and in his converfation, motions and walkings, fignified by the legs. 3. The burningof the offering wholly, ver. i S, fignified i. the ardent love of loins Chrifl ; who was all confirmed as it were with the fire of love andzeale towardsmankinde upon the Crollo. 2. The bitterneffe ofhis paßîon inhis whole man, who was as it were confirmed wholly with the fire of his fathers wrathdueto the finnes ofman. 4. As the burnt offer- ing afeendedup toheaven in fire : So l ails Chrift ha- ving offered himfelfe a whole burnt offering afeended up \ 109 a.A burnt of- finì , I Hcl- c.w f}. Pat':iculars 4.