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1 to Note. Sin unpardon- ed,all fcrvice is abominable. Iohn g.; r . P15.1.66.1S. ConficrationofprieJr,a type ofChrift. up intoheaven, & foobtainedaneverlafting redemption for his Church. Fromwhence alto he fends the fire of his Spirit, as on the Apof}les, íb on all beleevers in their xneafure, Iohn 14. Note from this facrilìce for the high Prieff ; that firff he muff offer the finne-offering, and then the other facri- fices for confecration. This burnt offering nor the others . following couldnever havebeen acceptable, if the finne- ' offeringhad not gone before, and finne by it expiated. , Learne hence, that fo long as we are in owr fumes, all our facrifices and fervice are abominable. Sinne unremoved lyes in the wayofthy prayer. Theblindemancould fay, Godheares notfinners. And David, If I have delight to f nne, Godwill not hearemy prayer. Sinne unrepented and unpardoned makes thee hateful' in the houfè ofGod ; thy hearing doth but more harden thee, the facratnents become poyfon unto thee, for thou by thy finne cafleff poyfon into the Lords Cup, and fo eateft anddrinkeft thy owne damnation. Let this be our wildome, fir(} to offer our finne-offer- ing. It is the Lords owne counfell. I(a, I. Wafjyots, cicanfeyot, and then come andlet U-5 reafon. And as our Lord advitèd us in cafe ofreconciliation with man, wee muft much more pra6tice in cafe ofóurrecôciliationwith God. Ifthouhaft brought thygift to the Altar,and thou remembreft that God hath ought against thee; firft re- concile thy felfe to God and then to man, and fo bring thy gift. There be two graces which we muft bringbe- fore God in all our fery ices in which we would finde acceptance. The former of preparation ; that is, repen- tance which prepareth aright to the performance of goodduties. The latter ofdifpoftion; and that is faith which difpofèth the party aright in thewhole cariage of them, for this purifieth theheart, exciteth the will, fees the weakneffe, feekes a cover, and findes acceptance. The third facrifice in the confecration of the high Prieft