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116 ( Highprie(ts apparrCl,a opeofChrift. To the high Prieft fixe. t.The Ephod : Where Matter. and honoured the defpited and fraile humanity, which had noformenor beauty,,fs 5 3.2. 3. Not darkely re prefenting that care and refpeft which our Lord and Saviour Chri(I bath ofhis inferiour, bate, and defpifed both Minifters and members through the world. 1/4.41. j 4:feare not worme Iaco6; 'will helpe thee. To the high Prieft belonged fixe peculiar garments, Firs the Ephod,ver.4. In which i .The matter, it was not wooll or filice, but linnets which rifeth out of the earth, Ezech.44.4 7. Signifying that holy tlel}i ofChria which vayled his deity as a garment ; and that it was taken not from heaven but from his mother on earth, as the matter ofthat garment grew immediately out of earth. 2> The forme, it was a longwhitegarment: fignifying the long white garment of Chriis abfolute righteoufbeffe; white, innocent and unfpotted; and long, tocover all our nakedneffe, without eekingor patching ofmerits. 3. The ornament of it. In it were let two Onyx !tones, and in them the names of the twelve tribes ofIfrael ingraven, which AArox carryed upon his fhoulders :frgnifying t. That the names of the godly are not lightly written but faft ingraven in the love and memoryofChrift,as thole names were ingraven invery hard ftones. 2. That Chria doth fill carry his Church on his fhoulders; lifting themupout ofduft and mifery, and bearing themupon the fhoulders of his power and providence as on Eagles wings, Dent. 3 2. i I. Or as the good íhepheardbrings home the fheepe on his fhoul- ders, Like 1 '. 5. According to his gracious promife, Ifa.46. 4, Ihave made ; I will alfo beare yox, andI will carryyori anddeliveryeas.. 4. The rife ofit. The high Prieft in this garment carryed on his fhoulders the namesof lfrael into the Sane` t ary before God : fo our highPriefi in thegarment ofhis righteoufneffe prefents his Church (fhadowed by the twelve tribes) without fpot or wrinkle or any filch thing I and carries into heaven