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( Hprie/ir appdrrel,a type ofaril!. itfi heavenon his (boulders, even into the true Sanctuary not made with hands, thole whole names are written in the booke of life. S. Difrinátion. As the high Dif}inftion. Prieft carryed thenames in feverall precious Bones, and feverally ingraven: fo our high Prieft takes fpeciall notice ofevery particular member ofthe Church, negleas not the meaneft, but knowes them by name, as the head can name every member ofthe body,and coiatemnes not themeaneft. Rev. 3. 4, the Church of Sardi had a few names, that is, godlyperlons fo well knowne toChrift as into by their names. 6. The propriety of it. It Propriety. was not lawfull for any but eAraron and the high Prieft toufe this garment, nor might any imitate ir, for it was the fall ofGideons houle, Iudg. 8. 26, 27, for making an Ephod like that of the Sanctuary. It is true there were ordinary Ephods holy garments common to inferiour Priefts, as Saul put to the (word foure (core and five Priefts that woreanEphod, i Sam, z. 2-18. Andufed by theLevits,as Samuel very youngminiftred in anEphod, Sam. 2.18. And it may be there were fome garments calledEphods whichgreat men did Weare, and noholy garment, as z Sam.6.14. Daviddancedbefore the Arke girt with a linnenEphod. But this Ephod was peculiar to the highPrieft, and in no garment elfemight he pre- lentthenames of the twelve tribes : fignifying that no garment ofrighteoufneffe maybe expectedor imitated, in whichGodcanbehold his Church, but thisof jefus Chrift. And whofoever feekeelfewhere, are abolifhed fromChrift to their def#ruttion, gal. S. z. 4. Oh the fearefull cafe ofPapifts that feeke to have their names written in another Ephod of their owne weaving and making ! The fecundgarment peculiar to the highPriefl, was a.The bre tf}- called the breftplateofjudgement, ver. is.: the moll pre- plate of judge. cious partofall hisgarments. mein. I. In refpe& of the twelve coRly and gliftéring I 3 hones