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Urim and `1 hu mim. h21 firft Temple;andthe feconddid want it,that theymight not be kept fromdelire & expec`tation ofthe true Uric and.Thummim : yet we in the new Teftarnent are farce beyond them. For as the Oracle by Urim wascertaine for direion : fo Chrift is themoft perfect rule and di- reftion fhadowed by that. As the Urim anfwered by voice : fo Chrift by his word preached. As God fpake then by Urim to the Prieft : So now byhis ownffonne. Heb. 1. 2. Wouldít thouhave God anfwer thee ? goe to the Urim. r. Frequent his ordinance. God then an- fwered, when the Prieft confulted. z. Pray for wife- dome. Ifany want wifdome, let him asks of God and it fhall begiven him,, lam. 1. 5. 3. Feare God. Pfal. 2 s. 14. Thefecret of the Lord is with them that fe. re him. 4. Follow and obey the voice. Iohn ;4. 21. If any leve me andobey my commandements, Iwilllovehim, and re- vealemy felfe unto him. lohn 7. 17 Ifany man doe the will ofGod, he 'hall know the dollrine whether it be ofGod. The third peculiar garment of the high Prieft was the 3 . TheRobe robeof the Ephod, Exod. 28. g, 3 t: On the skirts of P "uc "ta s. 4. which were fattened, r. The Pomegranats ofblue fluke, and purple, and skarlet round about. This fruit bath a molt pleafant finell, fweet in is felfe, .and Tweet ping other things round about it ; and is full of preci- ous iuyce and liquor : 2. Bells of goldbetween them round about,' a golden Bell and a Pomegt anat,;. the ufe ofwhich was that his found might be heard round about when bee went into the SanCtuary andholy of Holies. The whole garment lfgnifed the righteoufneffe of Chrifts humane nature, which is, i. Mott fweet, it felfe, having amolt pleafaant favour as the Pomegranate. z. Full of molt precious iuyce and verme, toqualifie and abate the raging heat of Gods difpleafure, as the --- iuyce of Pomegranats doth allay the burning heat of an ague that would (hake the body topieces : . 3. Calls upon us a fweet favour being wrapped in it For wee by