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Izo 1. 710AU7ktN.a4 0,4a. Vfeof them. Vrimand Thummim. ningabove them all, to which their light is obfcurity. Plainly fignifying jeftts Chrift inwhomarehidtreafurei of wifdome and knowledge, Col. z . 3. He is the light of the world, loh.9. 5. Which enlightenetb every one that commeth into the world, Job. i.9. There are many lights,as ftones and flars,in theworld : but he is the fun,nayhe is lights. Withhim is manyfolded zrifdome. And without him is nothing but darkene{Íe,finne,death,inner darkeneffe and utter, Ioh.8.1 z, Thummim fignifieth perfeaions. And to whom can this point us but unto Chrift ; in whom aloneare all perfeftions ofholineffe and graces. There is illumination in the twelve (tones the Church, but not any perfeaion ; there is force purity in the ftones, but farre from perfefion of it. In Chrift is perfeaion in all parts ; and from him alone wee mutt expea our per- fettion. I I. The ufe ofthem was to receive by them an- fwer fromGod when the high Prieft confulted with him ,verf.3o, For when the Prieft asked counfi:ll ofGod, God is faid to anfwer by Urim, that is, not by the colour ofthe ftones, nor the changing of' colour by brightneffe, blackneffe, or bloodinefle ofthem (as forceJews) but the Lordanfwered byvoyce. Numb 7.89: And therefore it is called the Urimofjadgemenr, not becaufe it felfe gave judgement or decided caures; but becaufe the Lord anfwered when the Prieft applyed the Urim and Thum- mini. This directly looked at Chrift, as to whom r. all fecrets and Myfteries are perfealy knowne. He is the Lamb withfeven eyes, which are thefevenfpirits of God, Rev. s.6. Onely worthy toopen the booke,, ver.9. becaufe of' his abundant grace and wifdome, fignified by the feven fpirits. 2. Who. makes knowne and continually reveales to his Church and members, as their need re- quires, whatfoever is meete for them to know, by fuch meanes as himfelfe bath fanaified. Now although this was a great priviledge of fithe rft