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EmbroideredCoa.t,a typeof Chrf, Lord of lords, Chap, z 9. i 6. 2. The golden plate in whichwas written, Hvlìxeffe to the Lord, didnot ottc1y diflingui(h it from the miters of the ordinary Priells, which wanted fuch a plate : but fpecially typified Iefus Chriíl our head, in whomwas mofl confpicuous ( as in a mans forehead) a mo(I divine and perfèc`l holineife, purer than the goldof that plate. Whowas not holy enely, as other fanc`iified perlons, but holineffe it (elfe. Holinefe in his perfon, holineffe in his nature, holineffe in all his aclions and paillons ; holineffe in the fountaine and originall, whence all (ireames of holineffe illbe forth to his elect members, So Job. t 7.19. I fanc`lifie my felfe, that theymay be fanaified. Never was there fo pure a plate, fuch fhining holineffe, fo deeply ingraved as no- thing can raze it out for ever. 3. The ufe was fignifì- cant; that as the high Prie(i, having on this platewith this infcription, got the iniquities of thepeople pardo. ned, which he bare before the Lord : So our high Prieft jefus Chri(I, prefenting before hisFather, his moil ab- folute holineffe, gets a pardon for all our tunes, which he beares upon himfeife. And as their finnes were par- doned in refpect. of the high Prie(i, who reprefented Chriíl : So both theirs and ours are indeed and truth pardoned, for the true and eternall high Prie(i, who is Chriíl himCelfe. The fifth peculiar garment was the embroydered S. The cm. Coate of fine linnen, verfe ; 9. which was a beautiful], broyared cooly and large garment, reaching downe to his feet, CAW. covering molt of his body ; curioufly wrought with moft precious matter and cunning worl;cnanAaip: which noted the dignityof the perfon, and office of the high Priefi. For in old time long white garments apperai, ned to men of high place , and excellent in wifedome : As in Iófephs advancement, Gen.4i.4 . hee Wu clothed withwhitefine linnen, whenhe was tobee Vice-roy, and next in authority to theKing. Sew Etter 6,8. howMor- decai 123 Pròpterfumrutn Sr:ce7doterra.