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------ 124 EmbroyderedCoat,a type ofWill. á Three things! inChrift noted hereby. 6. Thegirdle. decal was apparalled by the Kings command. This gar- ment was moll proper to our high Prieft of the new Teflament Jefus Chrift ; who is by it defcribed , Revel. I. i 3. clothed with a robe donne to his feet. Noting, r. The excetlencie of his perfon ; who is Prince of peace, Ifai.9.6 : For fo, long white garments ever be- tokened peace both within the Church and without. z. That heeexcelled in wifedon e and counfell, being the great Counfeller, and the (pirit of couxfe/land under- ftanding refling in hAs breft, Ifai. i 1 . 2 : For to fuch alto thefe garments belong d,Dan.S.7,16. ;. The love- ly and beautifuil Conn xion and conjundionof his Pro- pheticall, Prieflly, and Princely Offices ; fincerelyand perfe'flly fulfilling them, and appearing before God in them as in a moll coltly embroydered garment confifl- ingof many pieces, and many colours fitly couched and laid together. And this garment heeware not onely in earth (as the Priefls did) but now after his afcenóon he continues to perferme the Offices of the high Prieft for his Church : in the fame embroydered garment pre- fenting before God the meritofhis onely facrifice, and making interceflion to the Father for it. The fixth garment is the girdle of needle worke, verfe,39. Of diverfe matter, linnen, blue filke, purple, and fcarlet, andof diverfe colours, Chap. 39.29. The ufe of it was to fallen the Prief}s garments unto him, that they might not hang loofe upen him in his Mini- flration; And fpecially points out unto us our high Prieft jefus Chrifl defcribed after his afcenfion, Revel. 1 13. to bee girded about the paps with a golden girdle. Noting in Chrift foure things. 1. The truth and connancy in accomplifhing all the gracious promifes of the Gofpel ; feeing'our high Prieft is girtabout with the girdle of verity. 2. His juflice, integrity, pure and uncorrupt judgement as gold. Ifni. t r .5. luflice Ball be the girdle of has lore', andfaithfulneffe thegirdle of his reines. Foure things in Chrift noted thereby.