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TheC®ntent's, f'ocation ofthe Gentiles. 89 Our refurreciion af lured to tu. 89 Power and zvi;'edomeof God to bee admired. 90 Terror of fn,essen in Gods own chil- dren: and comfort. 9 X I t. The FirPr-borne, types : as codspe- culiar, fathers of thefamily, pre. (erredbefore brethren, doablepor- tion. 9 Every mercy is thegreater engage- ment unto God. 9 5 Honcur Christ as the frfl-borneof God : and how. 96 rhreefold-comfort in thebirthright 97 Forfeit not the birthright byfin.98 Refemble Chrifi our elder brother. 99 XIII. Priefl s, types:indeputation to office, and execution : choice, confecra- tion, appavell : aciions. 100 A coverfor its in Chriflfor all de- formities o f foule andbody. i o I alities requifite in Miniflers. 102 Eminency ofChrtfl above allcrea- tures. I o 5 iMiniflers mug increafe theirgifts. 1c Duties ofprivate Weevers. ibid. threeficrif7ces. ibid. Noperfellicn but only in Chrif1.108 3'tnne unpardoned, all fervice is abominable. 110 wafhandpure all with the blood ofChrifi. I 1 Notes ofit. ibid. Ef feE s of beingfoweed andpur- ged. 113 Friefls garments common, andpe- culiar to the High Prie. i ï 4 Seven ufes thereoffor Miniflers. 125' Three ufesfor thepeople, Twofold inflruElion. i 2g. Comfort to the godly, in reeeí1of their head and themfelves, j31 Beleevers highly efleer»ed,as preci- ousflones. 133. fin toflight them, 134. Temperance of Miniers. i 3 S. marriage. 137. mourning for the dead. i .a .Miniflers dutie. 147. private Chri;iians dulie, as Priefis to God. 1 49 X I V. Nazarites, types : as fet apart for God, abflemiows, nourifhing the haire, not to touch the dead, and releafed oftheir avow. 15o Christ and hls excellency tobe ac- knowledged: and power,»herein. 1 5 S Difference of the Nazarites vow, and Papifls. 156 Be Nazarites unto God : in dive things. 157 XV. i