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High prit'f.r, a type ofar.i fi. 143 weepenot,he mull dye. So Joel 2.1 7.all thepriefls muff howle,and cry,andweepe between the porch and the Altar. ariawept often, and all for finne : as, for Lazartu, on the Crcffe, over Tel ufalem. Whence we note : z. That the proper cat fe ofmourning, is finne. He that muff: not flied a teare for any other caufè in the world, mutt fbed reares for his fin uponpain ofdeath. Oh that they would thinke ofthis that glory in their finne ! 2. hetus fo or- der our affections, as that our principali nsourniMg may be for our fumes; and binde up our aft:,Ctions for out- ward and natural! loffes and croffes, fo as wee may have them looted in fpirituall. This law tells us, that forow for our onely fo.ineor brother,or the deare wife that li- eth in our bofome, ought tobe no forow in comparifon offorow for finne. Which, I. feparates fromGod : 2. makes Chrift l abfent, and Eland aboofe : 3. grieves the Spirit; andmakes him he avy towards us : 4. fepe- rates tbule from body, yea (without repentance) foule and body from heaven and happineffe. Let us,whohave bane exceflive inworldly forow, turne the flrcame a- gainfl our finnes; and in all croffes fet our heavineffe ra- ther upon forme fume inour felves,which might caufe the croffe, thenon the croffe it felfe. See. VI L Now it followeth that we thew how the Priefis fi- gured Chrift in theirminifieriall actions. Of thefe kinde ofa Lions Come were common to inferiour Priefts,Come proper to thehigh Priefl. 1. Common a `lions were fix. i. The Prieft muff kill the facriñces and none but he: fignifyingjefus Chrifl his voluntary ac`lion in laying downe his life for belee- vers ; none could take away his life from him. And het was tobe afwell the Priefl as the facrifice; John' to. i 8. i havepower to lay downe my life. i. The priefls offred theblood'of the facrifces to God, and fp'rinkled ken the 1 Sin, the proper taufeofmour- ning. Mifchiefcs of finne. z. Minifteriall aeiionsofthe Priefls. Common tfti. ons ofall Priefis : 6.