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14Z ara111 Revel. 4:9,t o. Pcrp;tttaìl. z Thef.q.r3: Mat.8.aa. Ierem 9.1. Highpriefls, a ty,pe of Chri ji. clued in thebodeofdeath:fo now after his refurreaion hebath attained all excellency ofglory and happinefle, free from all mifery andfurrow, never to be interrupted any moreby any griete or adverfarypower.The Crowne ofGod is let upon his head for ever: The perpetuity and fubflance of this Law concernes both Miniflers and people. i .To teachboth theone and the other not to growinto excelle of forrow or paflion, but tobe examples ofgravity,rnoderatiô,& wel weifding ofAffections;& tobe patternes ofpatience and holy obe- dience in fufferingextreameadverfities, as well as in the actions and exerciCe ofpradickvertues. a. To give te- flimcnyoftheir hope and affuranceof the happy refill- rectionoftheir friends, for whom theymull not forrow ácmenwithout hope. 3. To flew that no occafion or naturali affection, no not theneareft and greatet change befalling their outward eflate might diftraCt them from their charge and duty ; or fo difquiet the peaceable tranquillity of their minds, as any part of their duty might be hindred formatter or manner. And therefore in this cafe our Saviour (confirming the perpetuall equi- tyof this Law)faith, Let the dead bury their dead, follow thou me. And theI.ord is foaria in this cafe(Lev. i0.6) that when flarons formes were fo ftrangely flame be- forehis face, he mull not mourne.nor air a Foote out of his Minillery, left hedye, and therefore the text faith : baronheldhispeace,ver. 3. So no outward refpea of duty to friends Irma call us fromduty to God. Ob. ifthe Prieft mull not weepe,how could they fe- rioufly repent of their fins? Anfw. The Prieft mull not weepe for any tempo- ral loffes,nor for perfonall lofl'es;and in naturali regards he mutt be impafliònate : but for his frines he might. Jere- my a Prophet and Prief} wifheth his head a foun twine of tearer, Thehigh priefl mull weepe for hisowne and the peoplesfirmes in thedayof expiation, and if. he I we epe