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Highprief1s 4di®ns, a type ofChrfl, Father Ikno o that heareft me alrraiei : And accomplifh- ednot only in his holy intc rceflion upon earth, andnow in heaven : but manifetlly in that blefling ofhis difciples by laying his hands upon them, whichwashis 1aí1 aftion upon earth, Lrike 24.50. 6. The Prïefls were to pre - ferve the Oyle for lights and the incenfe,and for the dai- ly meat offering, and the anointing oyle. And the over- fight of the wholeTabernacle, and all in the SantWary, and all the inflruments belonged to their care for the fafety in moving, carying, [landing, &c. fignifying Iefus Chrifl the preferver ofall grace in his Church. He one- ly watcheth for the fafety ofhis Church, for the uphold- ing ofhisholy miniftery,and all holyconftitutionswhich elfe would quickly be brokenup. He plants the Minifle- ry, andhe remorves it athis pltafure. He path the leven [tars in his right hand. Hee is the great Archbifhopof foules to the whole Church,and noother in this kinde but bee : Somuch ofcommon anions mii[leriall. I I. Ac ions more peculiar to the high priefl were, I. daily, 2. weekely. 3. yearely. 4. continually. L Hee mull daily, i. dreffe the holy lamps and lights morningand evening before the Lord, Lev. 24. 213. to preferve the lights from going out. Shadowing Chri[l the true light, by whom the light of true do- carine nauft ever Chine in the Church, andnever goe out ; by which the true beleevers (hall bee delivered from darkeneffe anddeath. This was formerly figured by Gofhen, there was light when three dayes darkneffe was over all /Egypt. And this was figuredby the pillar offire that never failed till theycame to Canaan. 2. he mutt daily burne incenfebefore the Lord upon theAltar ofTweet perfume : fignifyingChrift our high Prie[t dai- ly offering up, I. our duties and fervices done by his appointment, and which throughhim fmell as a fweete incenfe acceptable to God. a . our prayers, calledodours oftheSsints, andafweet suceufe. Andas no incenfe plea- fed iq-5.. Iohn 17. ARionsproper to the high PricLI. Dail» Exod.3s.7,8: Revel 5.8.