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146 `FriefisAilsont, a type ofChri/1. 1 fedGod but that which was offered upon that golden Altar : fo nodutyor prayer of mars is farther accepted thenoffered up byhim and from him, whofe golden pu- ritygives merit and worthunto them. And as the in- cenfe malt be offered up by the high Prieft morning and evening : fo the continual( vertue ofChrifts merit al= cendethdaily beforeGod, and perfumeth all the Sanftu- ary, neither is there anyother way to the father but by him. I I. He muft weekly make the fb+wbread, and let it before:he Lord confirmedly. Exod. a s.3o. Andmore ex. prefly, Levit. 24. 5, 6. Every Sabbath he mutt fet on the table twelve loaves according to the twelve tribes, and take theold away, to the maintaining ofhis family; for whichale they might well fuce, every loafe weighing about fevenoreight pounds. Herewas a figure ofChrift the true bread oflife, who lets hhntilfe (in the preach- ing.oftheGofpell,and administrationoftheSacraments) before the face ofGod (that is, in theaffemblies gather- ed'together every Sabbath,)the molt fufficient food and refrefhingofthe Church, to continue it in life, ftrength, and good-ef}ate fromSabbath toSabbath till thateternal! Sabbathcome. I I I. He muft yeare`y once (and that in the dayof expiation)goe into theHoy ofHolies, Excel. 3o. to. and Lev. 16. 2. and 34. to make an attonementfor himfelfe, for all his houle, and for all thepeople, but not without blood. Signifying, that Chrift by one alone facrifice of himfelfe bathopened the Sanftuaryofheaven, and by his attention bathmade entrance into it on our behalfe, and there appeares before God once forall to make inter- cation for us. SeeHeb. Io. t a, 19. And ashe muff goc alonewithout all attendants : fo Chrift muft tread the winepref fealone: I3ofriend,no difciple,f}ands withhim; no fellow, no companion goes with him to make at- tonementi but all feareand fiyethat we might call oatr eye, Weekely. Yearely. Zfay 63. 3.