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Nazarites, types of aril,. 153 would eats nothing till all his temptations in the wilder- ne{fe were ended, As of all other vermes, fo he was an unfailing patterne in this ofholy abstinence andunvio- lated temperance. I I I. The Nazarites were enjoyned to let their hairegrow, and no razor mutt comeon their heads all the time oftheir vow and feperation, Numb.6. 5. By which ceremony the Lord intended two things. t . He would have them molt unlike and contrary to the religi- ous orders of the heathen Idolaters, whoufuallynourt- fhed their haire to offer in facrifce to their gods, as in many examples I could (hew : But thefe mutt not dimi- nifh their haireall the time ; and when they cut it off they muff bane it with fire. 2. To be a meanes to avoid finenefle and delicacy in curious trimming of the head,and care ofthe flea), which is a great enemy to re- ligious thoughts andexercifes. So the Apottle implyes, the more care ofthepg.!, the leffe of putting on Chrsft left'''. 3. Long haire in men is a ligne of ftrength, as inSampfc».And by this law the Lord would put them in mind that as they were to avoid effeminate foftneffe anddelicacy ; fo tobe manly, ftrang, and couragiotas in performingduties, and refitting ftcurly all the tempta- tions and baits that might allure them from the duty un- dertaken. As for our Saviour (whom they fhadowed)it is not likely he nourifhed his'haire, becaufe the Apoftle faith,it was(in that age) uncomèly for men tohavelong haire. %f a man have longhare it id a fhame unto him. And then are all the lkomifh paynters quite out, who paint himwithhishaire lying round about his fhoulders: but Painters'and Poets may lye byauthority. It was e- nough for him, that he was a Nazarite in the truthand fubflance of that although not'in the letter and out- ward ceremonyof it. In which refpef how didhe neg- lei himfelfe;who being the Lord ofall,denyed himfclfe of all rights and comforts. He was fo farrefrom-all de}i- cacy, Nouriihiná the hake. R.om, 1344. z Cori r.r4 Pic`íoribus atque PoetitQuidiGet atsdertdtfenper fait ægteotpote- pod. Tor,