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4111111119 isz 1 Nazarites, types ofChri fi. 2. Abítemious and why. fromhimfelfe, whereas whofoever elfe have anyholi- neffe it is from him. 5. His holineffe was effentiall ( not accidentali ) as he was God ; and as bee was man ( by the union of the manhood with his divine nature ) was bellowed upon him in full meafure, yea beyond meafure ; and therefore is called, fugefe ofgrace and holineffe,loh a But in the moll holy men this holineffe is a received quality bycommunicatingofhis fpirir, and that imperfectly and in frnall meafure. 6. Theymight be holy in part for themfelves, but could not impart that bolineffe toothers : But Chrilf is not onely holy inhim- felfe, but fan&ti fieth them and the whole Church ; bee being the originali and fountaine of all holirefe. They might be legallycleane in foreanions : but he was mo- - -rally cleave in all obfervations. They in Tome paffages of their life : but bee inhilnature, in his difpofition, and in thefulfilling ofall righteoufueffe. I I. Nazarites by the Law (Nlemb.6.z,;.) muff ab- flaine fromwineand flrong drinke,and all that commeth ofthe grape. i . Becaufe they were to ffudy the Law ofGod, and the Lord will not have them meddlewith any ding that might trouble their braille, or unfit them torn holy {Indies. 2. Hce would hive thempateras offobriety and temperance, and reflraine them from whatfoever might flirre up lull, oroccaion intempe- rance. Inwhich, what elfedid they but fhadow our Sa. viour Chrift ? Whowas a true Nazarite, not inthe'l'e't- ter and,ceremony ( for he did drinke wine, and mirac- lcxdly provided it for others; yea ordained wine an ele- ment in the Supper, that every Chriflianmight drinke it) but in the morality and truthof the thing bee was the onelyperfeti Nazarite. Neverwas any fo intent in {lu- dy_, invocation, preaching, aáing, and fuffetingall things for our falce, as he was. Neither wasany creature fo ab- lli.ent and temperate as he was ; he farted fourty dayes and. fourty nights, and afterthat °( beinghungry) het would