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Yfe. . Difference of the Nazarites vow,and Papifbs. '2%t4..Tr?as non fNït Geteris or, ¡edaptíor ad, Nazarites, types ofChr>1. conception. Objet. But did not he take the fame infirmities comcningofAdam as they did ? Anfir. No, he tooke fuch infirmities as he pleated, to fit hiin for a merciful' highPrieft, not to hinder him,and therefbrehe tooke such infirmities from Adamas were miferable, but not damnable, and fo remaineda pure Nazarite with- out all finfull frailty. I I. Christ the true Nazaritebeing corne, all fha- dowesmust fly away and therefore this order of Na. zarites gives no colour or approbation to any order of Popish votaries or monafticall perlons now in thenew Testament. Betides, that white is not more contrary to black then monaflicall vowes to this. For I. The Nazarites were appointed byGodhimfelfe : theirs de- viledby themfelves. 2. Their vowes wereofthings potl'ible, in their power, and temporary : thefeare of things impotfible,without their power, and during life, be the party never fo unable to endure it. 3. Their vowes (though appointed by God) were not able to merit remifftoia of finneand eternall life but thefe fay that they merit for themfelves and others, that their vowes are parts ofGods worfhip (which never came in his mind or booke) and a Efate ofgreat perfecion : Whereas, a Nataritewas not more righteous thenothers, but better fittedfor his duty. q,. Nazarites might not cattheir haire :their order {lands in cutting andfhaving that theymayGill lookeneateand effeminate. S. Naza- ritesdrink no winenor thong drinke, and arevery tem- peratein their dyer : thefe bellygods cat up the fat, and i poure in the fweet till they be monfters, that the very ifalls ofFriers (for thedelicacyand abundance) is become proverbe. 6. Nazarites might not come at fune- rails : these follow them (as flyes do fat meat) and fuck il out thence their greatest profit , and fweetefl model's. 7. Nazarites (notwithhtanding their vow) lived in holy wedlock:but Popish votariesabhorremarriage, not ll 1 lu