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1`Iazarites,type.r ofChrifL lull or whoredome. yet from this order theywould e- flablifh their difordered orders,as cont.rary,as,d Ikeneffe to light. I I 14 The fhadow of the Law is vanifhed away, and the truthofthe Gofpell is broken forth as the light, faith the Canon L,aw. Every Chriflian muff be a Na- zaritç; rat byvowof feperation, but,by it itatiox and refe nblaaaceof Chri the true Nazarite. For 1. He mull be feperate from others, r .He mutt fee that he be feperate from ungodly one as oneadvanced to an happy eflate in Chrif. 2. Thatnow his mind, affe8ions, fpeeches, and whole courfebe contrary to the courfeof,the world; and fo (as /OM .feperate himelfe from the ev ill behaviour , and manners ofhis brethren ; yea complaine ofthem to his father. 3. He mull bee content if his brethren feperate from him, as dal Iofph} brethren when they fold him into.Egypt. This is tobee a Chritlian Nazarite. I I. This ChriflianNazarite mull ílric`}ly keepe the rules of his profeffion..i. he mull labour. i. to pre- ferve the vow ofholineffe made in Baptifzne, fludyand follow after fanaification, .7-his is the will of God even yourfuntìfcatian, he mull refine hirr felfe wholly to God; z.carefully to avoid the leali defilement of finne. The Lord made a Law (Numb.6.9.)that ifany dyed by a Nazarite cafu illy and fuddenly (though, liee could not avoid it)he defiled the headof his confecration;he mull. be fháven and come and offer a Lambe fora trefpaffe of- fering, and then begin his vow againe. Wherein the Lord fhewes that he will not endure any finne in his fervant (though not willingly committed, nor inten- ded)if it be but cafual or by happe,and flirres up thereby our watchfulneffe againfl all,even the leall finne, and urgeth the fhunningofthe leali touchof dead workes : Jude z 3,hateeven thegarment #ottedby the f efb. 2. Hee mull fludy the lawof the Lord to grow in knowledge and 15 7 Pre. 2. V:» bra legrs cia nFril, illuxtt veri.. trzs Be Nazarites, and hew. Ther. 4.;.