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Cleáneperfons, types ofChrig. 165 I ___.----.-- defcribing the fouleneffe and rifery of the difeafe. I. Leprofie proceeds from poifoned and corrupted hu- mours in the body : So firme is nothing elCe but the poi- fon andcorruptionofthe foule. And this fpirituallle- profie is farremore miferable thene e other ; for thatof thebody is onelyapunifhment, this is aguilt. And who can deny but the corruption and poifonofthe folk and fpirit, is farre more poi(onfull and mortal! thenpoifon ofthe flefh ? 2. Bodily leprofie is a difeafe offume men : finne is of all men, and ofall the man. Bodily leprofie fpreads over all parts of the body, but cannot reach the foule : but this fpreads over the whole man ; the foule andall the faculties are weakened and tainted ; there is, not a debility onely, but acorruption in theun- derftanding, will, confcienee, memory, in all affeFtions, inall fences, in all parts ; noman nopart of manexem- pted or excepted. 3. No difeafe is more ftinking, andhatefull tomen then leprofie : Sonothing is fo hate- full and abominable to -God as finne ; his eyes cannot abide to behold it ; bee will not endure it in his deareft fervants, no nor Angels themfelves, unrevenged ; bee efleemes the finner as dung. 4. No difeafe more con- tagious and infectious : A lepermuff meddle with no- thing unleffe bee would defile it : All bee candoe is to make others uncleane bybreathing, touching, conver- fìng. The plague of peftilence is not fo infe6tious as the plagsae of leprofie, fo called, Levit.i 3.2o. infecting bodes, walls, veffells, garments : Nothing is fo infefi- eus as finne,whichnot onely föules the perlon or houle, but heaven and earth and all creatures are fubjec`t to the vanityofit. Neither can an impenitent (inner doe any thingbut makehimfelfe and others uncleane, by thefil- thy breathof his corrupt communication,byhis wicked example and converfation : No leaven is fo (pleading, no pitch fo cleaving. 5. Leprofieofall difeafes feparated the infected perfons from the fellowship of all men M 3 both Sinne declared odious. Godhates. In`eFìion. fis:commdini- cation.