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dune erfn.r, types ofOhri/l, ter the world, after revenge, after preferments ; and this infatiable as every finne is. 4. There is filthy putted matter fill breaking forth moll~ Loathfomefy: fo-here fromwithin breaks out corrupt matter of envy, of ha- tred of goodneffe, of uncleanneffe in (peaches and be- haviour. S. There is an hoarfe and weake voice : here thevoice foweake as it cannot pray, or cannot be heard. God heares not finners ; for either they play not at all, or they are in their finnes. 6. There is a filthy ftinking breath ; and therefore they muff cover their lips, that by their breath they might not infect others : So here is a filthy breath of corrupt communication, of uncleane and adulterous fpeaches, fwearing and curling fpeaches, lying and falle (peaches, flanderous and uncharitable fpeaches ; and feldome doe fuck cover their lips, being like the uncleane veffells of the Law whichwere ever open to thecorrupting and poifoningof numbers. SeEI. IV. I. From the former defcription of legali unclean- neffes, note the {late of Gods Church and people here uponearth, fubjea unto many-forts ofdefilements and. pollutions within them, without them, and on every hand of them ; by foule and uncleane creatures and perfons, by foule courfes and a&ions, which a godly man may not touch or tail but bee is prefently defiled, as hee that toucheth pitchcannot hut be defiled with it. Where bee they that will feeno Church, if they fee any nncleanneffe ? Or Who fay that God is inno fuck fociety where anypollution is?feeing God vouchfafeth to walk among his owne people, who were daily fubjea to fo many legali and morall pollutions. God might (Wit pleafed him) wholly purge'his floore here upon earth; but it makes more for his glory to fuffer finneand evil', and to let the Saints in the middeft of defilements here M 4 below. i67 Note. i. Church and members, Cub- jcet to many defilements.