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168 Andwhy. Note. 2. } Lockenarrow- lyon the mire-. ryoffinale. ñ 444Q7éx1>(0' i$o,.4p. li áIl.d4 rnt a¡44p70I, ós. i sv ñiîiv ctxû °ra.,4 ivxrccpíy-ct.- . TX. Cleaneperfons, types ofChriji. below. r . There mull be a differencebetweene this heaven and earth, and that new heaven and new earth in which dwells nothing but righteoufneffe ; for had the Saints no warre , there needed no watch , there could bee no viTory; if no feede time,. no harve. 2. GODS mighty power is more manifefl in gathe- ring and preferving a Church to himfelfe out of fin- ners, and among (inners ; and hee magnifieth his mer- cy both in covering and curing fo great and many corruptions. 3. Thegoály in fence of their unclean- neffe arekept low in their owne eyes, and watchfull of their waies; and fo are driven out of themíelves unte ChriII for righteoufneffe , and unto God for flrength continually, as privyunto their owne contit9uall weake- nefle. So to fubdue prefiiFnption 'Pau1mull havea buffe- ter, and to way-lay fecurity cornming on Ifrael, all the Canaanites mull not be fubdued. 4. In that they can- not expe& freedome from fouleneffe and uncleanneffe heerebelow,thcymay the rather defire and afpire to that heavenly Tabernacle into which no uncleane thing can enter, Rcv. 2 e. 27. and with to bee tranflated thither where righteoufneffe (hall dwell, yea therighteous and holy God (hall dwell irhmediately in the midfl ofhis saints, and all things together with themfclves (hall be molt abfolutclycleane and holy. 1 I. The Lordby fo large a dekription oflegall un- cleanneffe would have them and us looke more neerely and fleriouflyuponour owns mifery by finne,both in the caufe, and in the eff°eJs ofit. The formerby bringing us to the contemplation ofthe foulencffe ofournatures,and uncleanneffe even inour birthand originali. For howfo- ever men littleefleemeor bewaile this uncleanneffe of nature and original! time ; yet the Apofhe (better ac- quaintedwith thenatureofir) calls it, The f nne ; and the finningfitme; and the finne which dwelleth into, and compafetb.ati. 46ottt, Rom.,a 7, Neither can a man ever be