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TheContents; Dittyof them that will enjoy thrfe comforts. 264 X X. Manna, a typeorCbrifl. 265 mattersofrefemblance, 2616 WhyMannapetrified, ifreferved. 271 Chrift infinitely better than Man.. na 272. Godspatience and love to be noted. how itfhouldworke in Gods wadchfichefeand care his. Church, tobe noted. Comfort thereby , and inflances. 276 Gods bounty toward his Church, to be noted 277 His wifedeme in miniflring to his Chaìrch,tobe noted. 278 Manna whygivendaily, yet not on the Sabbath. 2.79 (Moderation in natirall"things : and what ù GOD S meafure. 280 e'Ilan ofhimfelfe isfenfelc e ofthe I things oflefus Chrift. 281 Whence this comes, 2 81 and of what tare. 282 Hunger and thirflfor Chris{ : mo- tives. 283 Take paines for him : motives, 283 Obferve times andplaces to meet with Chrifl. 284 274 27; over 275 Apply andfeedon C'hrif . 285- Andhow. 286 Bee never weary of this (.2/LGtnn6t. 286 Motives. 287 Píe and mrsgnifie th (A/fauna. 287 XXI. Water out oftheRocke, a type of Chrisl. 288 in threenefpeaa. 2,89 Chrifl refmbledby aroue : 290 andwater; .291 Chrift eaterprefent with hisChurch 295 our dirty, ibid. i9n almiehtypower in Chriflfor h,o Church. 296 our duty. ibid. 'Gods mercy to hispeople,admira6le 296 See thefountaine ofgrace opened and itsfuperexcellency. 297 Thirftfor Chrifl: and conditions ofit. 298 continue it : two rules. .2 9 Have recourfe to Chr in' this thirfl: motives. 2,99 Ouenoh thy thinfl; andbefatisfeed. ibid. motives. 300 C 2Vfeanes to get water out ofthis Rock: hindrances :helper. 301 XXII. The brazen 8erpent,a type of(brig 302 Goda