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The Contents. Gods jufice here to be noted, and equity ofit. 303 Offiery the oldferpent the devil. 30 4 Temptations calledfiery darts,why 30-5 Obfervations aboutfn,deceitfolly, poifon, danger ofloving it. ti 06 G6dappoints the meaner ofhealth tofoule andbody. 3o7 Abrazeisferpent, notgolden : five reafonr. 3o8 Chrifi lifted up before tu, how. 309 Application of Chrifl a Paving re- med, y farre mofi excellent. 3to God helpes bis people byweakLe, un- likely, and contrarymeaner : and why. 311 groundsfor faith in thefe troubles ofthe Churches. 3 13 Kingdome ofAntichrif ,hoarfitfor defirudion. 314 The eye o f faithmull Phut theeye of reafon. 315 Foure things cannot otherwife bee obtained. 315' Beleeve the Wordabflutely. 319 Pray for eyefalve : and what it is. .320 Captivate thine owns realm and wifedome. 3 to motives. 3 21 Mans reafon, themother ofhere- fies. 3 23.6" 3 24. Natural"' reafon, an enemy to the power ofgodlinejfe. 3 25" What ù to be done to be curedfpiri- tually. 326 Wound's ofin compared to deadly poifon :infoure things. 3 27 Comefor counfetlto f iirituall Phy- f tìans. 3 z7 who reproved. 318 Confelfe ffieciall faunes : and goe wholly out of thy (elfe and allo- ther. 329 Look only unto Chrifi : and that two wages. 331 How thu looking cures us :by faith: andhow byfaith. 33 Markes of one cured by looking to Chrifl. 133 Foure qualities ofthe eye that looks tohim. 334 Motives to lookup to our Serpent. 335" ÿfe ofcomfort, infive particulars. 337