Tailor - Houston-Packer Collection BT225 .T37 1635

777 ,...-- ... 174 Yf.i. Smalle{} fins to be put ayvay. s Cleanperlons, types ofChrfi. fromhisowne fecret corruptions, which were as many! as the haires ofhis head, and no leffe rooted in him; that well he might ¡haveand loppe them, but hee was out of hope quite to unroot themas long as he lived. He muff keepe themunder but cannot berid of them : Hee mutt ¡have thehill day and the feventh day,and refift his lulls, which daily grow up on him, as haire cut, quickly grower againe. 5 . The uncleane perfon muff wafh his clothesas well as himfelfe : fignifying that we mutt part with all impurity even the leaf}, at leafi in endeavour, cherifhingnone, favouringnone. He mat hate the ve- ry garment fpotted by the flefh, all occafions, and appea- rances ofevill, efteeming the leaf}fpot offinne foule and filthy enough. And all this is requifite in purifying of the foule. I. Labouragainft the finallefl finnes. Be not a mental adulterer, banilhunchaflity in theeyeand mouth, avoid wantoncompany,as did Iofeph that ofhis Mil}ris. Thou art nodrunkard, or great fwearer, but art thou a compa- nion offuck not reproving them ? No Papift, but a friend andpatron, as feeingno greatharme in their fuperflition? No Atheift, but a fcorner ofthe perlons and doetrine of godly teachers ? what doefi thou but foame out thy ownehhame ? Ifthou thouldit keepe thy felfe never fo pure,but partakefi inother mens fmnes,thou art unclean. This reprovethMagiftrates, who (though they them- felves come to Church, yet) fuffer others in time ofdi vine worthip to lye in fireets, houles, fields, openly, &c. prophaning thus the day ofthe Lord, which is to bee kept holy to ourGod. Or if they be ordinary abettors ofidle perfons andgameliers by example.This brandeth Minifters, openly pleading for drunkards and hatefull blafphemers. This defileth matters, parents, husbands, that fuar their families to runne into prophaneue¡fe or ¡ ryot. I L In all thefe touches goe to the fontaine opened. Zach.