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Clean perlons, types of are. Zach. r 3.. I. Every Iew had his waterpots to keepwa- ter for daily purification, Iehn z.. 6. but now the houle ofDavidand Ierufalem,that is,all thegodly havea foun- taine openedby the deathof Chrift. Wemull every day be wafhing and cleanfing our (elves in that fountaine, from all filthineffe offlefh and Spirit. Sett, VI. 175 Goeto Chrift, wafh, and be cicane. 1 I. The fecond meanes ofpurging legali uncleannelle is oblation, or offering Tome attonement to the Lord, thisdirealy leadsus to Chrift. For howfoever an un- cleane perfon muff wafhhimfelfe and his clothes, yet no Iewcould make= attonement for himfelfe : but this was coin ron to all uncleanneffes legal!, the Prieft muff make an attonement for theuncleane perfon. For allkin- cleannete in generali, Lev. r6, 30. In fpeciall, for un cleanneffe in touchings. Numb. :9. 4. In :Pees,Lev. 1 2. 8. and t 5. i 5 . In leprcfie, Lev. r 4. 5 3. Noting by the way, that all that wecandoe, cannot make attonement for the leaft fpot.offnne. Letus wafh our felves as of- ten as Naaman in Jordan; yea let us take fnow water to us, and wafh our hands moll cleane; yet our owne cloths , will makeus foule, andGod will plunge us in the pit, if our Lord lefus (the.high Prief} of. the new covenant) make not attonementfor us. A fit noteagainfr all humane fatisfaaion and merits. The offering for the legali uncleanneffe by touching, was done by the facrifice ofa red cow,and the fprinkling water madeoftheafhes ofthat red -Cow, prefcribed by God to this plirpofe, Numb. r 9. called water of expia- tion. That all this ordinance typified Chrifl: to the Jews, the Apofile expreffeth, Heb. 9, t 3, r4. when fromthe blood ofthis red cow he leads us to theblood OfChrift, faying : If the bloodof.bulls and coats, and the ages an' heifer, rprinkliolgthem that are unclean,faníliieth as tou- ching Offering. Chrift offered himfelfe. WaßvuLnot fufficient with- out ofièring. Red Cow, Chrifl. P;'o Chrißoaries, p-to agxus proChriffo vitu- Ira, pro Chriffo htrcY., tot4412 Ch'riffuds, Aug.. _ ¢,