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z Propo.fittons concerning the Church of I z The Introdu ion, Cod. I chap. z. where z Reafons ofthe ancient Ceremonies. z Singular : eleven. cap. z.- Iz. z Rankes , and orders of men ; By birth : theFirft-borne, c. 13. z 13y office :theyDeputation. Priefts,C.14 Execution. 3 By vow : the Nazarits, c.15 4 By ceremonie : Cleane per- fons, c: 16. i Circunieifion,c.i8 z Pafl'eover, c. 19 i Pillar of Cloud & Fire, c. 20 zRed Sea: In this Treatife are two < things. ri Chrift is figured in ( holy perfons: feparated and fanaified z The Trea- tifeit felfe,S E.a.where z (r Ordinary Sacraments, z He is fi- f z Circum- gured in cifion, & holy úaptifm:z things: z Extraordi- e, 17. nary:anfwe- L rabia to z Pafsouer and Lords Supper,z; L t r Manna fr6 heal/6 c. az. z Water out ofthe Rock,c.z3. Addehereunto theBrazenSerpent, c. z.}. cri,sr