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CHRIST REVEALED. JOHN 14.6. yam the Truth. C H A P. 1. Aving formerly delivered, that Chrifc is Truth au oppofed tofalfehood; we arenow toChevy, that he is Truth ad oppofed to the Jhadozvr and figures of theold Law. In the entrance intowhichTreatife, wenauf} prernife fore Propofitions. I. That the Lord decreed tohave ahwayes a Church upon the faceof the earth ; for the upholding of which bee upholds the world. For, I. Hee will havehis nameconfeffed,and praifedas wellin earthas in heaven. z. Hee will mainrainehispublike worthip, by it todi- itinguifh heathenifh Idolaters from trueWorfhippers. 3. To prepare true beleevers in thisChurchmilitant to that Church triumphant, and to fet and polifh them as living hones in this mount of' the Church, for that hea- venly mountaine and temple. z II. For Chri l the truth of Iegall ilu_ doves. Introduêtion to this Treatile a.