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vhy appoayated. 3 true Imageand thing fignified, who inour'Text calleth hirrafelfe truth in oppofition to all thole fhadowes. Objcrl. Butthe weaker and duller they were, the more neede had they of cicare inflruEiion ; and God could have revealed Chriflasclearely to them, as to us. Sol. But as the Lord had obfèrved this method in creating the world, hee would have darkneffe goe be- fore light ; and inupholding the worldbee wouldhave dawning goe before cicare day : So in the framing and upholding the Church, hee would have Chrift exhibi- ted to the Fathers , as to the Wife men, in fwadling clouts, which hidhis glory. He refpeeted them as chil- dren ; heereaed for them in Iewry, a little free-fchoole let up in a corner ofthe world ; hee appointed the Law of Mofes as a Primer, or A. B. C. in which Chrift was to be fhadowed in dance and obfeure mauer ; hewould thatChrift fhould come tohis brethren, as Isfeph to his ; who firflobfcuredhimfelf to them, and afterward made himfclfebetter knower). One compares it to Aroahs r. Opening the windowof the,Arke ; 2. Removing the covering ; 3. Stepping forthhimfeifc. II. Therein the wifedome of God provided for the further advancement of Chrifl and his Gofpel; which compared with theLaw, muff beemanifèfled in great brightnefle and .glory. Chrift the Sonne, mutt come in more glory then chic/s the fervant. Hence, Ioh. r. t 7. The Law was given by Mops, but grace and truth came by Iefiss Chril ; The Gofpel is calledgrace, not becaufe under the Law the farnegrace was not Area- ched, but comparatively : that was karfe grace to this which is more full, more manifefl ; as the light in the dawning, is fcarfe light incomparifonof' light at noone- day. There was grace, but here is more grace. 1. In manifeflation : Thelight oftheSunneis feven-fold, and like the light of feven dayes, as was prophefied, Ifai.3o. 26. z. In impletion and accompliflimcnt -of that B 2 which Vda!a runt il?a, donec ti; prrarct dies, c- remove. rentra urrlb;'e. Grace in the newTefìvnent fpeciallÿ, hon.