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Ceremonies calIca.maaows, for 4. rcafons. 3. Nonex ope,e ope,.ato. Cemont called whichwas but a prom ife of grace in comparifon. 1 3.32. 3. Iìi application and apprehension bybelee- vers in all Countries,. not onely in Idea. 4. In the groweth and perfèc`Iion of faith and grace in the hearts ofordinary beleevers above them. Hence, Heb. i o. 1. the Law had buta ¡hadozvofgood thins to come, and not the Image andtruth it felfe : that is, Ìt had a rudeand darkedelineationof good thing, to come as a draught made by a painter with acoale ; but the Gofpel exhibits the pifìure it felfe in the flourifh and beauty ; that is,the truth and being of it. Hence alfro Paul to the Col. 2.1 7. (peaking of obier- vances of the Ceremoniall Law, faith : they were but fbadowes of things to come, but the body is Chrift. Whence bee would have us conceive : t. That as the body is the caufeof the fhadow, and thecaufe more excellent then the thingeauied : So Chrift was the caufe of those Ceremonies, and more excellent then they. 2. As the thadow reprefenteth the shape of the body,1 with thearmions and motions : So those rites and Cere- monies refemble Chrift in all his a_4ions,pafTions, moti- ons, as after we are toheare. 3. As the fhadow is but an obfcure refemblance in re(pet of the body : So the Minifleryofthe old Teltament in rites and Ceremonies, is a dartre reprefentation ofthe body, namely Chrift and his fpirituall worihip. 4. As the body is folid, firme, and ofcontinuance, even when the fhadow is gone : So the Ceremonies as ihadowes are fbwen away, but Chrift the body and his true worfhip laffeth for ever. In all which Chrift and his grace are advanced, as the pnblifher and perfeier ofour falvajion without any fhadowes ; whereas of' the Law it is fad : It made no- thing perfell, Heb.7.19. I t I. Thofe Ceremonies werenot given to merit re- of (urnes by them , nor to appeaseGods anger, 'nor to bee an acceptable worfhip by the worth of the worke t