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3oz BrazenSerpent,a type ofChris' e whole vef elI is a wholeand fincere heart., but broken all copieces. Noveff'ehhere can hold but a broken and con- trite heart. Godfils the humble: the haughty and proud are few away empty. Thebrazen f rpent a type of Chrift. The ducale of Ifràelat this tine. Theoccafion ofir. i.. _ CHAP. XXIV. The BrazenSerpent,a Type, w¡ He Hiforyofthe Brazen Serpent is in Numb. 21. j 6, y, 8. where are two things. I. The difeafe. T I, The remedy. Thedifeafe is let downe, 1. in theoceat4on, vers. 2. in the kind, by fiery Serpents fent byGod to fling them. 3. in the effrec`I, many dyed. In all whichStory wee muff not flick in the letter or barbe, but breake through to the kernell and truth : The rather becaulè our Lord J efus (an interpreter beyond all exception) brings us hereby tohimfelfe; and to the confideration both of our difeafe, and-ofthe remedy, and theapplicationofit. Ioh 3. 14. i 5. As Mofs lift up theferpent in the wilder- neffe,fo muff the Sonne ofman be lift up : that whofoever beleeveth in him, fhould not perm, but have eternal/ life, It will be now both pleafant and profitable to lookea little while upon the apt refemblance ofthe type with the truth both in thedifeafe and remedy : and fiatofthe occafion ofthedifeafe. See. I. I. Theoccafionofthedifeafe was the peccant humor ofingratitude and murmuring againft the grace ofGod miraculoufly manifefted in the wilderneffe. Never had any people upon the face of' the earth the like mercies from