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Brazen Serpent, 4 type ofchri1. \ fromGod, thelike experience ofGod. Never any fed and feafled with fo many miracles as it were inordina- ry. They have water following them every where out fi of a rock. They have bread from heaven,delicateeven to a miracle ; but this Angels food is too light,andnobread . will ferve them but from earth. God gave them abun- danceofit for the gathering ; he rained it mot/ bounti- fully round about their tents : but their urlthankfull fouls loathe it,and tread it under foot.And therefore riling up againfi God and tempting him they were deflroyedof Serpents. i .Cor. o.9. Notehereby the way s. The jufliceofGod. Hee Which leadeth that brought Manna from heaven to feed them,forcon- to Goes juilice. tempt of his grace now brings ferpents out ofthe earth to revenge and deffroy them. Rom. z. 4.5. The defpifng ofGods bountàfulneJ e,treafureth up wrath. See the fame Juice on our felves. How lightly did wee in our firfl parents regard that upheaped meafure of bounty and grace conferred by God in our Creation and innocency ? And how jufily were we flung to death by the old fer- pent for it ? Theunthankfull perfon is the greatefi rob- ber that is. 2. See the equityof this juflice on the And theequity Ifraclites. They not contented tomurmur againfi the ofit Lord, , fet all() upon c lofes and Aaron his fervants, Why hoveye6roetgbt to into the v ildernefe to die? Now their punishment is anfwerable to their time. They tranf- greffe in hot and fiery tongues, andare puni flied by bet and fiery flings. Venemous words againfi Godand his fervants are revengedby the mouthes ofpoyfoned and venemous ferpents. Doe thou at thy perillfling God and his fervants with bitter words, God will have fome ferpent or other to fling thee. I am out of doubt that many great plagueshave lingred anddoe, amongfl us in' this land for the poyfoned and reviling fpeeches cafe i againft God andhis fervants every where. We fling his holy profeffionand fervants inceffantly, and he !kings us with